RCGF Engines

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We distribute exclusively this new range of RCGF engines, manufactured by Zhejiang RCGF Model and Engine Co., from a displacement of 15cc to 111ccc. All engines come with exhaust, stand offs, spark plug and CDI electronic ignition. These engines are very robust, with a big power and a very good reliable value for money. All engines have factory warranty of 2 years, failure of parts. We also have customer support and a large stock of all components, to guarantee good service and you never run your engine off.

Gasoline - You can use 95 octane gasoline mixed with 2T oil quality in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer.

Switch – Use an strong switch, since the vibrations punish a lot this kind of accessories with subsequent stop your engine.

Important. - You must read the warranty and instructions supplied with the engine. Any modification or disassembly of the engine while it is under warranty, will immediately invalidate this. If you have an engine that does not work properly please contact us. The impact damage are not covered in the warranty. The warranty gives RCGF engines, not Tb-Model . This warranty applies only to engines purchased in TB-MODEL. Always keep a copy of the invoice and serial number of your engine as they are essential to ensure your product.


TB-MODEL is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for Zhejiang RCGF Model and Engine Co. We recommend that you always buy your motor in authorized dealers, since only they can assure the guaranty of your product. Our technical service works exclusively for the warranty provided by engine-MODEL TB as an official distributor for Spain. Any engine you buy to not authorized dealer , may not correspond with the original brand and only the buyer will assume the warranty.